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grew up in nyc,
went to art school.
art directed
for a long time
then decided
to paint and
make things.

new york.
people. …
almost everything.

to make unique
functional art
for everyone.

photo of gail garcia
house coaster sets with matching trivets
hand painted earthenware


gail garcia - for over two decades native new yorker gail garcia has brought her unique sensibility to the commercial realm as a designer while always remaining true to her earlier passion – painting. in her new work garcia brings together her keenly honed design sense and rich painterly style in a collection produced under the name of – handmade functional art for the table and home. garcia works between nyc and her studio in hudson ny, designing and producing the products. choosing uniquely environmental and classic materials to work with, she has developed a technique to achieve the perfect application of each design for each specific material. making most pieces herself each process provides great quality handmade products.

product descriptions

cork coaster sets with matching trivets

designed to function as drink coasters, cooking/serving mats or decorative home accents they are environmentally friendly, heat resistant and washable. the series of coasters & trivets represent a collection of original designs fitting together to tell a story for your table using cork, a sustainable and renewable resource, soft and lightweight with a warm earthy quality.

hand painted earthenware platters and bowls

designed to function as serving vessels, art for the table or decorative home accents. simple forms painted in a rich abstract style, pleasing to look at with or without food. all one-of-a-kind paintings designed with a harmonious color palette for an easy mix and match. the ceramic collection is lightweight and food safe. please hand wash. do not microwave.

porcelain napkin rings – alphabet series & modern designs

traditional place setting elements transformed into artistic and articulate modern table accessories. the porcelain napkin ring alphabet series is an inspired combination of several classic and not so classic typefaces, each letter framed by a colorful abstract composition, all designed to stand alone and work with each other as a word making collection... to set your table talking.


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